Text messaging is the most effective way to engage customers, generate leads, promote products and services, create new revenue streams, and grow your customer database. It works on all mobile phones, and DOESN'T require an app download.

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Nyla Technologies LLC is an Information Technology and Business Consulting company with a proprietary text messaging platform which it uses to design, deploy, host and manage custom business text messaging applications which help to increase customer engagements, generate leads, promote products and services , build customer databases, and create new revenue streams.
Each business is assigned a new mobile phone number which hosts one or more text messaging applications each with specific objectives. Our expert consultants work closely with the management team to design, develop, deploy and manage each application and help ensure that the company's objectives are met.

Increase sales, promote weekly specials, build a customer database.

Engage customers, add their contact info to a database then deliver your weekly specials and promotions by text message to their cellphones to help increase sales.

  • Customers react to signage or in-store announcements to get flyers delivered to their phone
  • Customers text the store code to request the flyer and opt-in
  • Customers instantly get a reply text with digital copies of the weekly flyers
  • Customers automatically get the flyer sent to their phone weekly
  • Customer may opt out at any time by replying the word Stop
  • Customers' phone#, state, zip, and participation date and time are captured to a database.

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TEXT: Flyers
TO: 954-740-8111

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Engage your guests, promote the hotel restaurant and services, create New Revenue Stream.

Enable hotel guests to use text messaging to request WIFI access, get emergency procedures. and find digital coupons on places to go and things to do.

  • Guests are instructed to send text message to get WIFI access and other hotel information.
  • Guests use their cellphone to text the word "Hotel" to a provided number
  • Guests get a reply text message with WIFI info, hotel emergency procedures, and digital coupons for hotel restaurant and other services.
  • Guests may also receive digital coupons and promotion from third party.
  • Guests' phone#, state, zip, and participation date and time are captured to a database.

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TEXT: Hotel
TO: 954-740-8111

Features & Packages

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Get Repeat Customers to Increase Revenue, and Sell Advertisements to Create New Revenue Stream.

Get more repeat customers by first engaging every customer on their mobile device when they enter your store, then entice them to come back again and again. Also deliver revenue generating ads.

  • Customers get a chance to win their purchase or some other prize.
  • Customers text their name to enter to win prize.
  • Customers get reply text with random birth date.
  • Reply text includes promotions to entice customers to return.
  • Reply text includes third party revenue generating advertisements.
  • If customer's birth date matches the random date, they win.
  • Customer's name, phone, state and zip are captured to a database.

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TEXT: Your Name
TO: 954-740-8100

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Customer Engagement and Surveys

Provide customers and audiences the opportunity to instantly engage you and/or your team via text messages. Whether to complete a survey or submit a question to the speaker at an event, customers will never need to first download or install anything, and can expect real-time responses from your team.

  • Prize giveaway to increase response rate
  • Deliver questionnaire in text message or paper
  • Up to 10 multiple choice questions
  • All questions get answered in one text message
  • Forward responses to Administrator's phone
  • Administrator reviews, adds notes and replies
  • Administrator's replies are sent on original number
  • Prepare and export reports to Excel

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TEXT: @Survey + Your Name
TO: 786-655-9600

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Real Estate Lead Generation

Capture lookie loos and turn them into buyers, and possibly get to list their current home.

  • Add a text message rider sign to property
  • Passers-by send text to get instant property info
  • Instantly text back all your current listings
  • Realtor gets text alert with Passers-by phone#
  • Generate revenue with 3rd party advertisements

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TEXT: P100
TO: 954-740-8111

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Group Text Marketing & Appointment Reminders

Send out alerts & reminders, and marketing & promotional text messages to your existing customers or newly targeted customers at an event.

  • Message addresses each recipient by name
  • Add another personalized field such as date
  • Message up to 1000 characters in length
  • Embed image or short video in the message
  • Ask questions, accept reply and send follow-up
  • Forward incoming messages to another phone
  • Generate and export reports from the database

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Create A Mobile Sweepstakes To Generate Leads.

Every business owner knows who their target audience is, the question is how do they get that audience's attention? The answer is a mobile sweepstakes. Here is how it works.

  • Find locations where the target customers are
  • Activate sweepstakes with chance to win prizes
  • Customers text name and email to enter sweepstakes
  • Capture customer's name, email, phone, city & state
  • Select the winner, and distribute the prize
  • Instantly text marketing material to the customers

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Over 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. each day, and text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has a 20% open rate. With this kind of statistics, it would be reasonable to think that operating a text messaging business could be quite successful.

Nyla Technologies have created this amazing and very versatile text messaging business opportunity subscription platform. As a business opportunity subscribers, you will be able to offer restaurants, retail stores and hotels and other businesss the ability to use text messaging to engage customers, promote products and services, generate leads and create new revenue streams.

Each subscription package includes 25 user accounts and one administrator account. The user accounts would be assigned to individual businesses (your clients) and enables each of them to manage the text messages that get delivered to their customers. The Administrator account has full controls over all user accounts.

Here is how it works
  • Each of your 25 client will have a text messaging platform and keyword
  • Your clients (the store owners) would conduct contests and sweepstakes to engage their customers
  • Customers would text the client's keyword to enter the contests and sweepstakes
  • Customers receive a reply message with custom advertisements which will help increase sales

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Text: "store1"
To: 786-600-2888

Engage in-store customers

  • Customers are given opportunities to win a free meal
  • Signs are placed throughout the store and the staff also helps to encourage customer participation

Deliver advertisements & promotions

  • Customers use their cellphones to text the keyword to enter to win
  • Customers receive reply message which lets them know if they are a winner
  • The reply message also includes custom advertisements and promotions

Real-time Updates

  • Advertisements & promotions can be updated from any internet enabled device
  • Updates maybe performed by client or administrator
  • No app to download and no software to install

Packages & Pricing

Key Features Standard
Biz Opp
  • Embed logo/image, urls, touch dial
  • Optional birthday game application
  • Realtime activity reports
  • 24/7 realtime text message update
  • Works on all smart phones, no app required
  • No longterm contract
  • One Local 10 digit mobile phone number
  • Text message length - up to 600 characters
  • User accounts
  • 1 25
  • Administrator account
  • 0 1
  • Free Monthly text messages
  • 0 10000
  • Charge per text message
  • $0.10 $0.10
  • Setup charge
  • $250 0
  • Monthly subscription charge
  • 0 $1300

    Key Features Basic
    Contact Us
    Assigned a 10 digit local mobile telephone number that sends out multi-media text messages, and receives text messages which can be forwarded to other cell phone numbers.
    Able to send out groups of text messages at a time and address each recipient by name. Message may include up to 1600 characters, embed image, video, website urls, and one-touch voice call dial.
    Able to send out multiple choice survey questionnaires via text message and enable recipients to answer all questions in one reply text. Answers automatically parsed for easy reporting.
    Able to accept incoming text messages which can be forwarded to multiple cell phones (e.g., administrator).
    Custom - A code that, when texted to your number, will automatically reply a message which you have previously designed. (may include embedded image or video up to 500kb).

    Wild-Card - A combination of words treated as a Keyword. When texted, will automatically reply a pre-design message. (Wild-card keywords enable you to request and capture random information such as name, email, a vote, a question or an answer).
    Data Capture - Able to capture to a database the Phone number, City, State, Zip, Country, plus any additional information requested in the wildcard keyword (e,g,. Name and email).
    Able to view real-time activity reports.
    1000 monthly text message(SMS/MMS) credits included (Automatic 500 credit purchase at $50 when credit balance falls below 100).
    1 hour of monthly telephone/email based Business Consulting and System and Platform Support Services ($160 per hour thereafter. Billed in 15min segments).
    No longterm contract

    Clients & Reviews

    This is an awesome platform! I have used it successfully on stage to engage my fans and promote products during my 'Easy To Love' tour across the United States and Canada."

    -- Maxi Priest (International Recording Artist)
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    Nyla Technologies LLC
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