The Nyla Text Messaging Platform lets businesses more efficiently and effectively engage employees and customers, promote products and services, generate leads, and create new revenue streams.

Just configure the platform to suite your objective!

Various Configurations

Repeat Customers Generator

  • Customers get a chance to win their purchase
  • Customers text store code and name to enter
  • Customers get reply text with random birth date
  • Reply text also include promotions to entice customers to return, plus any additional information
  • If customer's birth date matches the random date, they win.
  • Customer's name, phone, state and zip are captured to a database and used for future marketing

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TEXT: @Restaurant & Your Name
TO: 786-655-9600

Features & Packages


  • Prize giveaway to increase response rate
  • Embedded up to 10 multiple choice questions
  • Questions are answered in one reply text
  • Forward responses to Administrator's phone
  • Admin reviews, adds notes and replies
  • Admin's replies are sent on original number
  • Prepare and export ad hoc reports to Excel
Features & Packages


  • Message personally addresses recipient
  • Add another personalized field such as date
  • Message up to 1000 characters in length
  • Embed image or short video in the message
  • Ask questions, accept reply and send follow-up
  • Forward incoming messages to another phone
  • Generate and export reports from the database
Features & Packages


  • Personally address your customers
  • Embed image or short video in message
  • Add message up to 1000 characters long
  • Ask questions, accept reply and send follow-up
  • Forward incoming messages to another phone
  • Give customer option to opt-out
  • Generate and export reports from the database
Features & Packages

Real Estate Lead Generation

  • Capture lookie loos and turn them into buyers
  • Passers-by send text to get instant property info
  • Instantly text back all your current listings
  • Realtor gets text alert with Passers-by phone#
  • Generate revenue with 3rd party advertisements
Features & Packages

Features & Packages

Key Features NYLA Standard
NYLA Managed
Contact us Buy Now From $99/m From $299/m
Get a Nyla local mobile telephone number that sends out multi-media text messages, and receives text messages which can be forwarded to other cell phone numbers.
Send out hundreds of text messages at a time and address each recipient by name. Plus include 1000 characters long text, embed image, video, website urls, and one-touch voice call dial.
Send out hundreds of appointment reminders and address each recipient by name, list the appointment date, time and location, and request a Confirm or Cancel response.
Send out multiple choice survey questionnaires via text message and enable recipients to answer all questions in one reply text. Answers automatically parsed for easy reporting.
Reply and incoming text messages can be forwarded to another cell phone (e.g., administrator), then give that person the ability to reply and manage each conversation on-line using your Nyla mobile number.
Custom - A code that, when texted to your Nyla number, will automatically reply a message which you have previously designed. (may include embedded image or video).

Wild-Card - A combination of words treated as a Keyword. When texted, will automatically reply a pre-design message. (Wild-card keywords enable you to request and capture random information such as name, email, a vote, a question or an answer).
10 10
Data Capture - Capture to your database the Phone number, City, State, Zip, Country, plus any additional information requested in the wildcard keyword (e,g,. Name and email).
Database access for easy query, view, design and export data to excel
Monthly text message(SMS/MMS) credits included.
Additional credit 10 cents ea.
1000 1000
Two hours per month of Business Consulting and System Management Services. Additional Hours @ $150 ea.

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